Monday, July 22, 2013

The Plumber’s Helpers

In any work that we do, there are things and tools we need to assist us. When we were small, our teacher taught us to identify the profession of a person with the things that they use and the uniform that they wear. Tools are made to make the work easier and to perform it the right way. Just like the thought, a writer cannot be a writer if he doesn’t have a pen and an imagination because that is his tool. Like us, we need to know the right tool to be able to perform our best in the work we love most.

Plumbers are also like that, they need certain tools in order to perform the plumbing process effectively. However, there are times that we want to do the plumbing on our own. If that is the case, maybe we can do it more quickly and perfectly like a professional plumber if we will get to know the tools that professional plumbers are using as well as understand its function.
Here are the friendly tools of every PRO plumbers are using and that you can utilize too;

Basic wrench
Function: This tool’s main function is tightening and loosing faucets and make sure they are on a right place. Because of its long stream and swiveling jaw design, it can penetrate deeply into a space that is at the back of sinks and secure the nuts.

Function: Coming from its name, it is being used to cut pipes whether it is made of metal or PVC. Always keep the blade sharp and have a spare blade handy just by any case.

Tubing Cutter
Function: It is made to cut the pipes made of copper to work on its fastest and cleanest way of cutting. In regards to its appearance, it has resemblance with a C-clamp.

Pipe Wrench
Function: It is heavy in weight and the main usage of it is to tighten and loosen pipes that are threaded as well as handle the fitting and nuts. If you will use it, you will need 2 pieces; one is for holding and another for tightening.

Adjustable Wrench
Function: If you will deal with the parts of pipe that has hex-shaped nuts, this is what you need. It is an all-around tool that is required in any plumbing work that you do.

Propane Torch
Function:  This is use when you need to melt some copper pipe for fitting in to one another. It is more suitable than lighter or matches.

Fire Resistant Cloth
FUNCTION: Its function is to protect the things that are flammable and reachable when you are repairing with an open flame propane torch. But it still recommended having a fire extinguisher access.

Closet Auger
Function: It is a long metal that is use for de-clogging manually, this specifically intend for toilets and can clean even the hardest clogs in your toilets.

Hand Auger
FUNCTION: Also known in the plumbing industry as plumber’s snake because of its flexibility that can clean even those that are in small spaces or pipes that needs plumbing attention like showers and sinks.

Tongue-and-Groove Pliers
FUNCTION: Use for twisting, pulling holding and tightening or loosening something. This tool is the first choice of any plumber that is also called Channel locks.

Being knowledgeable on the usage or function of even the basic tools in plumbing is a very usable and profitable thing to know. In addition to this, if you know the usage of each one, then you can use it for the right process and function.

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